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Swami's Metaphysical School

THE METAPHYSICAL SCHOOL (Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray)

Swami is guiding a great devotee to open up a metaphysical school (in co-ordination with an eco-sustainable township) called the "Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray" ( It seems that this is a very large and gradual project in preparation for the Prema Sai Incarnation, as well as to share the sacred mystical knowledge that will unify mankind around a metaphysical religion of identity in consciousness (advaita) and will be vital in inaugurating the full manifestation of the golden age.

Apparently, the school will be set up as part of the eco-township and a synthesis of the ancient metaphysical teaching and healing modalities of the world and attract luminaries, such as Keith Kritchlow who designed swami's super-speciality hospital, to teach there. The plan seems to be that the metaphysical knowledge will be made available to all across the world through mass media and internet and will usher in an awareness that will be part of the global transformation in consciousness through this divine knowledge. Perhaps it will also be the necessary impetus for a collective acceptance and introduction of this knowledge into a new holistic golden education system for all.

So I thought it would be interesting to add a post suggesting what a possible syllabus might be, considering the metaphysical implications of the number 5 already discussed & 7 with regards to the earlier post on Yoga as well as Chakras.




i) Ancient Healing Modalities = HEALTH

According to the 5 level (alternative and mainstream) categories
bio-mechanical, bio-chemical, bio-pranic/vibrational, bio-environmental, bio-spiritual

ii) 7 Rays = ESOTERIC

According to the Ascended Masters/Rishis/Deities to the 7 chakras, 7 bija swaras sounds, 7 planets and 7 lokas

Theosophy (Bailey & Blavastky), E.J. Prophet & violet flame, Edgar Cayce - the sleeping prophet (Lemuria & Atlantis) Joshua Stone (star seeds, indigo & crystal children, Ascension & Ascended Master, galactic photon belt, Aquarian golden age, planetary logos, Venus & Sanat Kumar, UFOs & Ashtar Command, Constellations Sirius, Great Bear, Pleades) vs Indian cosmology (Manu), mythology (Purana) and astrology (Nakshatras). Sai Baba on world stage, 2012 according to nadi astrology, end of Pyramid calender (see bk star reflections)

iii) Sacred Geometry around the number 7 = SCIENTIFIC (metaphysics)

(Association by 5 learning metaphoric process)

1. NUMBER (ology), SACRED GEOMETRY (static aspect) & MUSIC/DANCE (motion aspect)

5 elements of space and Vastu, sacred geometry, harmony and symmetry,9 & 22/7 Pi in architecture, golden mean, vesica pisces, flower of life, pentagram to fibonacci number to spiral to DNA.Decimal versus other system.22 in Hebrew & tree of life => 33 steps & vertebrae

Pythagorus, Chaldean, Babylonian, HebrewVedic numerology systems etc... Pythagorus system popularly used with 26 letters of English alphabet using name & birth date for reading

7 RAYS - Ascended Masters. Also 7's role and correspondence via MUSIC, sound, mantra, bija/Swaras, chakas, dance, motion, planets, lokas. Aum & Ram = 7 in vedic numerology.
50 Sanskrit letters/vibrations related the to 6 chakra via petals/nadis (4, 6, 10, 12, 16-64, 2) upto 7th 1,000 petalled lotus with 8 from Hrit(dayam).Also 6, 16, 100 & 12 more around head

(How AUM = 3 worlds => 3 inner/outer states => 3 gunas => 3 granthis in body => 7 rays & 7 chakras ie. As above So below: rule of metaphysics (108 padas of Vedic astological Nakshatras to 9/7 planets to Sanskrit alphabet to vibrations of petals/nadis to 7 chakras)
5 levels = 7 Lokas to 7 Rishi/Ascended Master to 7 Rays to 7 Planets to 7 Chakras of body

2. FACE/HEAD PHYSIOGNOMY (static) & READING (motion aspect = language)

Face according to symmetry and proportion of Pentagram

Pentagram of body can be superimposed onto face; thus head corresponds to forehead, eyebrows and cheek bones to arms, eyes to heart, nose to spine, jaw to hips/legs, feet to chin etc...

3 sections (upper, middle and lower portions) of face divided chronologically into departments of youth/intellectual (upper), adult/emotional (middle) and old age/physical (lower). Forehead can be sub-didived for intellect (upper), memory (middle) and intuition (lower)

Face split symmetry according to male (solar right) and female (lunar left) energies

5 face elemental types (of chinese system) - fire, gold, wood, water, earth

With 5 points; forehead (Mars = adventure & activity), left ear (Jupiter = wisdom & judgment), right ear (Venus = status & grace), nose (Saturn = economic/emotional security & stillness) and mouth (Mercury = wealth & flexibility) and,

5 major features (ears-life potential, eyebrows-aspirations, eyes-intelligence & energy, nose-wealth & achievement, mouth-personality);

7 compelling features (ridges) of forehead-character, cheekbones-power, jawbones-status, chin-strength, philtrum-life force, under eye-fertility, laughing lines-longevity

Other minor lines (ie. forehead etc) and moles. There are also 6 star points around the eyes (the baron, counsellor, purple air, sun star, moon star, moon dust) to consider and 12 palaces around face to be considered (palace of achievement, parents, friends & siblings, transfer, happiness & good fortune, property, marriage, off spring, life, health, wealth, household)

Features are expressions of the balance of cosmic force of yin and yang (ie. right eye and nose yang vs left eye and mouth yin energies) See book by Shen & Wilson

In Jyotish, face "language" can be related to planetary types.. ie. Sun/Ketu types tend to look up whilst Mercury/Venus types tend to look sideways when thinking. This is part of tajika or omen reading and takes into consideration the environment as well as the persons reactions to questions ie... touching parts of the body etc..

Physiognomy analyses more the overall bumps in the head and not just the face. For example, a bump at the back of the occiput indicates a domestic nature and a larger bump on the top of the cranium above the forehead relates to abstract abilities (Jupiter in astrology)

3. HAND PALMISTRY, MUDRA (static) & GRAPHOLOGY (motion aspect)

5 types of hand (practical, conic, spatulate, psychic and philosophic) with some mixture (scientific). 5 fingers (incl thumb) - conduits for cosmic energy (prana held in finger tips) from/to mounts. Mounts correspond to 9 planets of jyotish astrology (ie. index finger and mount to Jupiter)

Strength of mount and length of fingers determine strength of planet and can be used in co-ordination with jyotish and face reading to determine influences on person ie. Jupiter in chart correlated to the strength of the persons index finger and mount as well as the ears on the persons face; as the ears are carriers of ether, sound & hearing which Jupiter rules. (Note: according to the corresponding principles of Sankhya philosophy by Sage Kapila there are 24 components sub-divided into corresponding 5 related to 5 Mahapurusha planets:- 5 elements, 5 organs of knowledge, 5 organs of action and mind; which is one of the 6 Darshanas of Hinduism; the latter which is made up of the 4 Vedas + the 6 limbs, the Smritis with 2 epics of Mahabharata & Ramayana, the 18 puranas, the 6 Darashanas & the Tantras.)

In fact, planetary yogas (eg. Mahapurusha yoags) in astrology chart have specific lines that can be correlated to on palm to see and confirm if they are manifesting in the persons life

3 main lines can be divided for head, heart and body (life line). This correlates to the the face reading upper, middle and lower portions. Hand type (incl. texture, color and flexibility), fingers (phalanx and nails) and mounts (with patterns), proportions, major and minor lines all require detailed analysis

Even parts of the hand/fingers can be correlated to the body via the chakras =>
(base of the palm to the root chakra; thumb to the sacral chakra; middle finger to the manipura; little finger to the heart; index to the throat; ring to the third eye; and centre of the palm to the crown chakra). These all work through the meridians and nadis.

Mudras which are hand locks and gestures are specific to opening certain channels that draw on the pranic force. The are often used by vedic priests with homas when chanting the appropriate corresponding mantra and veda to activate the pranic powers via the joint co-ordiantion of head (mantra) ,heart (tantra) and hand (yantra). Interestingly, our physiological brain map has the most areas/cells given to the sensitive areas of hand (and sexual organs)

Lastly, graphology, studies hand writing and again follows same "natural" logic. It divides writing into 3 sections as well; intellectual (upper), emotional (middle) and physical (lower - below line). Writing can be angular and more masculine/logical/scientif or more curved and more feminine/artistic. Continuous writing means a more logical process whilst breaks indicate intuition. Spacing, neatness and pressure of writing all are supposed to reveal something. Forward slant- extrovert, back slanting- introvert, large writing - open, small writing -detail etc...

A lot of these ideas require observation and correlating between other metaphysical disciplines to see if they appear to reliably correspond to fact.

4. STAR JYOTISH ASTROLOGY (birth static) & TAJIKA OMEN READING (motion aspect)

Observation and induction makes astrology an experimental science. It is, along with sacred geometry and architecture, probably the most scientific of the metaphysical subjects as it is based on astronomy and cycles of time in space. It is called "the eye of the vedas" as its practice helps to awaken the inner eye to see everything as a symptom of natural law in the matrix of consciousness and perceive the the unity present in the apparent diversity.

Jyotish also has 5 main planets called mahapuruha planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus & Mars) which correlate to the lower 5 chakras of Saturn signs at the base upto the Mercury signs of the throat. This relates anatomically to the astronomical distance of the planets from the Sun at the centre to Saturn more peripherally; or the bottom of the spine upwards. These also represent the 5 elements. The eyes are represented by the Sun (right) and Moon (left). The Moon represents the 6th or mind chakra and is where Jupiter/Guru planet gets its exaltation in Cancer. The nodes; notably Ketu and Sun represents the 7th or crown chakra.

The planets can also be corresponded to the vedic aspects of the mind or antarakarana (sun/satun = aham/ka; Jupiter/Mercury = buddhi; Venus/Mars = manas ; Moon - Chitta; Nodes = the veiling (kethu) power and projecting powers (rahu) of Maya.

Jyotish astrology also has a tradition called tajika or omen reading and this is even mentioned in the epics such as the ramayana where they used signs in nature to portend immedite difficulties or prosperity.

Tajika includes reading the environment or the person. It does it by the associative language of astrology via correspondence of the 9 planets to 9 significators or indicators repeating themselves in thier respective categories in nature. Like a rainbow from infra red (kethu) to ultraviolet (Rahu), the planets repeat their ray and rule and administrate over their jurisdiction of animate and inanimate objects and behaviours in nature (ie. 3 gunas) which can be read by a jyotish expert whose consciousness is purified and discrimination, knowledge and experience of jyotish subte enough.

Chinese astrology, which is based on the cycles of Jupiter, correlates the characteristics of Jupiter in the 12 signs to animals found in Jupiter in Sag = rat in chinese astrology

Chinese writing, language and religion appears very much more directly related to nature. For example, the characters used in its language is from visual representations in nature. The I-Ch'ng similarly is from lexigrams in nature. And the spoken language appears very cryptic often having single syllabals in 3 parts.

Other arts of divination can also be used other than omen astrology such as Hebrew systems, Tarot, card reading, rhune stones, coffee cup, sea shells etc...of varying sophistication. Often with more clairvoyant development less technical involvement is required but useful for confirmation

5. BODY (static) POSTURE & LANGUAGE (incl. hand shake and voice) - motion aspect

5 Limbs of Da Vinci man, proportions based on pentagram and the 7 chakras

Posture of the body reveals condition of mind and character.. also can be related to sacred geometry and astrology ..

Surgery, physiotherapy, chiro-practice, ergonomics, hatha yoga, body work etc.. deals with bio-mechanic level of health. Ayurveda relates to the bio-chemical level of health. Bio-pranic & environmental levels involves work of everything from Louise Hay to yogic physiology/kundalini (etc.) to Jyotish remedials and deals with inter-relationship of body to mind eg. in tantra yoga, right side of body/pingala = solar male; left/ida = lunar female etc..

Symptom of posture and body is only the most concrete gross expression or art of the scientific foundations in metaphysics of sacred geometric and intelligence within natural law

Thus, the 5 levels of health with their mainstream and alternative disciplines could be introduced here with posture as the bio-mechanical/musculo-skeletal foundation leading to incorporating the other aspects of holistic health (to bio-chemical/endocrinal, bio-pranic/nadi meridian, bio-environmental/nervous, bio-spiritual/atmic) as in last module as well as in clinic


The microcosm of the body (5) to the macrocosm of universe (9) through 3 gunas and 7 levels... as above so below ie. loka to planet to chakra..

Highest Satya loka reflects down to base Saturn/Capricorn chakra in body = 7th ray


Sacred location, geometry and motion to reveal sacred harmony and symmetry in natures cosmic laws. Sacred geometry/metasphysics can be applied and categorized into 5 LEVELS from:-

i) proportions of outer posture =>
ii) yogic inner chakra physiology =>
iii) sacred space/architecture; such as in vastu or a cathedral such as Chartes =>
iv) geographical location ie. holy spots such as pyramids and mountains =>
v) astrological/astronomical orientation of spots to triangular position of stars (jyotish)

5 mahapurusha planets reflected throughout 5 hand types and points; 5 face types and points; 5 limbs of posture to pentagram of man = fibinnacio number = spiral = DNA of life



Taught in 3 parts (esoteric, meta-scientific & health) with 7 modules:-

i) Esoteric & 7 rays => 7 planets to 5 Main ones to elements => 5 as number of man =>

MODULE 2-6 (5 modules as described similar to above from fibinnacio number to posture)
ii)Scientific =>number/geometry, music/spheres, astrology/omen, face/hand, posture/health=>

iii) Health => in the 5 levels (bio-mechanical to bio-spiritual) complimentary to Spa & Clinic

=> JIVA5 cafe, shop & spa

i) MUKTI CAFE (designed according to Vastu with elements of sacred geometry incorporated)

Note: The "5" subliminal symbols of 5 elements (vastu), pentagram, man, hand & 5 root races

ii) OM connection (orange collection) SHOP & SPA (Ayurvedic & Health Products- Himalaya)

Sells natural & contemporary sanyas orange, ochre, golden yellow, rustic browns items, Jiva mandalas on shirts, mugs & plates, advaita and consciousness books, world tribal fusion mantric music, Jiva5 memorabilia. Note: Jiva5 uses colors of India & nature; with mainly ochre (Hindu-sanyas), a little green (Islam + Health) and azure blue writing (God & space). Logo = J, 5 and a hook fused and centered in O of OM for shop and same O in Pentagram for cafe



(incorporating Jiva Model of 5 levels of healing) Daily 9 to 5 work at location!

Team of GP, cardiologist, nutritionalist-naturopath, Ayurvedic & TCM doctor, hatha tantric yoga & kundalini pranayam teacher, physiotherapist, ergonomics, vastu & jyotish, researcher

Aged Nursing Home/Hospital to practice the holistic model. Community care around India with a One Stop Shop for elderly health care products contributing to profits (Geri-ware proposal)


Once the School, Entertainment & Clinic has gained popularity, awareness & acceptance via satellite and multi-mass media; the edu-care, edu-create (association by 5 learning model), edu-cate proposal as a metaphysical model of education for the heart, hand and head (Triangular Method according to brain 3 parts) can be entered into the mainstream schooling experience & syllabus


IMPORTANT to reveal the connection to the highest advaita via the gunas in the 7 ray/levels of the body through metaphysics


Note: highest Upanishad or teaching is AUM (Mundakya upanishad) which is related to the body 7 levels through the 3 combination primary colour rays/gunas where:-

A = Brahma = Raja Guna = Generation = waking state = day time = combination of red & yellow => orange as brahma granthi in 2nd chakra = Moon - Water - ida

U = Vishnu = Satwa Guna = Organisation = dream state = dawn & dusk = combination of yellow and blue => green as vishnu granthi in the 4th chakra = Sun (Hridayam) - sushumna

M = Rudra = Tamo Guna = Destruction = sleep state = night time = combination of blue & violet = indigo as rudra granthi in the 6th chakra = Fire - Pingala

Thus, the body through the 3 gunas and 5 elements is one in consciousness and expresses itslef through 7 levels and rays



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So you are teaching the Theory of Knowledge after all?! Maybe u will be able to introduce the edu-create proposal too..:o). U know that ties in the association by 5 learning idea with educationalists training student how to mind map by cross referencing their subject learning. Still believe it might help bridge the edu-care that swami is spreading with the abstract levels of TOK for pre-university students. Perhaps it will all come together. U teaching there and me waffling away about metaphysical for karmic credits too! And don't I need them. Well, lets see how the details of His plan unfold but this school does seem to be an important part of it. Later, Suren

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